I have so many ugly pictures of my friends purely stored for revenge

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2010 Guatemala City Sinkhole (Guatemala)

Guatemala City was hit with two massive sinkholes within a three year period. The second one shocked the world when it opened up in the middle of the city and swallowed a three-story building. The terrifying hole was 65 feet wide and 100 feet deep…

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New Uses for Everyday Household Items



Use Makeup Brushes to Clean Your Keyboard

Clean out crumbs, dust and dirt from your keyboard with a makeup brush. Buy a few cheap ones and store them in your desk at work — perfect for when you get a little too messy while eating lunch at your desk.


Use Cornstarch to Clean Kitchen Appliances 

When mixed with water to form a paste, cornstarch is great at removing grease from stovetops, countertops and cabinetry.

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teachers who won’t stop giving you homework on fridays


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hahaa on We Heart It.


hahaa on We Heart It.

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Baking 101. Yes. FINALLY, I MADE IT. PERFECT. PROUD OF THIS.  Chocolate cupcakes. #bake #eat #lushciousdessert #baker #cooking #foodpics #bakery #eating #yum #homemade #dessert #chocolate   #luviskitchen

Baking 101. Yes. FINALLY, I MADE IT. PERFECT. PROUD OF THIS. Chocolate cupcakes. #bake #eat #lushciousdessert #baker #cooking #foodpics #bakery #eating #yum #homemade #dessert #chocolate #luviskitchen


I want to have the cutest relationship with you.

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"It’s crazy what love can do, because just the sight of her can make my heart pound, being with her makes me crave staying with her and just knowing her existence crossed paths with mine makes me feels like I could do anything, and still make a moment perfect."

— Patrick Sundstrom (http://hola-its-patrick.tumblr.com/)

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"Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life"

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